CAUGHT ON CAMERA: Watch as One of Bitcoin’s First Millionaires Reveals His Next Big Trade

Is there any bigger legend in crypto than Charlie Shrem?

Charlie Shrem

He bought bitcoin when it was trading for under $5… made a massive fortune… and quickly became one of the most influential leaders in the space.

His life was profiled in the New York Times bestseller Bitcoin Billionaires.

And he co-founded one of the world’s first crypto exchanges.

He has been mentioned on Bloomberg and CNBC. He was even interviewed by Anderson Cooper on “60 Minutes.”

When you see his track record of finding huge gains, it’s easy to see why he’s one of the most sought-after crypto analysts in the world.

And his advice has helped people have the chance to find multiple major gains, including:

  • Ethereum before it soared 4,300%.
  • Cardano before it soared more than 5,800%.
  • Or Voyager before it soared more than 5,300%.

But today, Charlie is urging people to look at a new crypto opportunity…

One that he believes is better than buying bitcoin at $5.

In fact, this opportunity could kick-start a $544 trillion investing boom — generating more than 500x the wealth that bitcoin did.

And Charlie is so bullish on this opportunity that he’s doing something he’s never done before…

He’s allowing everyday folks to look over his shoulder and see his next big trade — “on air.”

Just click here to watch the full demo and learn about this breakthrough market opportunity now.

See His Next Big Crypto Trade — “On Air”

Charlie Shrem

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With Crypto Investor Network, Luke Lango teams up with bitcoin legend Charlie Shrem to help readers learn how to profit from the next chapter of explosive growth. Businesses, governments, and individuals are waking up to the fact that cryptocurrencies are the most disruptive technology since the internet. As this shift continues, crypto blockchains could “disintermediate” big banks and big tech, unleashing a multitrillion-dollar tsunami of new wealth, and could mint new millionaires and billionaires.

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