Forget ChatGPT – One of the world’s biggest tech breakthroughs could be happening in America’s Heartland, NOT Silicon Valley

Eric Fry has been helping people navigate the stock market for nearly 30 years…

In that time, he’s uncovered 41 opportunities that have yielded 1,000% gains (as well as dozens of opportunities that have delivered 500% or more).

But today, Eric isn’t looking to Silicon Valley for the next tech mega-boom…

Instead, he flew his research team out to an overlooked swatch of land in the American Heartland… an area he believes could give rise to a new generation of millionaires.

“What’s happening here is very similar to what happened to San Francisco during the tech boom,” Fry says. “Before the tech boom, San Francisco was a town for writers and hippies. But AS the tech boom played out, the money just flooded in. Now it’s filled with millionaires and billionaires.”

What exactly is out here? Among the farms and pines and so far from the rich coastal cities?

Well, hidden in this more rural hub is a handful of extremely valuable companies… each of them working with a breakthrough new technology.

Already this emerging technology has received interest from major investors… like BlackRock, Morgan Stanley, and Bain Capital… along with a total of over 220 investment firms.

“These companies could grow exponentially – and could represent new opportunities for large and small investors alike.”

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With Fry’s Investment Report, Eric Fry’s goal is to track the world’s biggest macroeconomic and geopolitical events – and help investors make big gains from those emerging opportunities. Eric is a 30-year international finance expert, former hedge fund manager, and InvestorPlace’s resident expert on global investment trends. He founded his own investment management firm and served as a partner in several others. In 2016, he won the Portfolios With Purpose stock-picking contest – Wall Street’s most prestigious investment competition – making him America’s Top Trader.

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