Adam Levy

Adam Levy

Adam Levy is a financial analyst and writer specializing in technology and consumer goods companies. He spends a lot of time “researching” Facebook and Twitter, so follow him at @admlvy for more insight, analysis and St. Louis Cardinals mania.

Recent Articles

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Snapchat is still in the early days of monetizing its platform, and it’s going directly after TWTR’s bread and butter -- brand advertisers.

Twitter Inc (TWTR) Drops the Buy Button, Should You Hit the Sell Button?

Although it may sound troublesome, Twitter's abandonment of the buy button is a good thing for TWTR stock, since it allows the company to refocus its efforts on its strengths.

Netflix, Inc. (NFLX): The Hidden Upside in Netflix Stock

NFLX has agreed to license its original content to traditional cable network, Univision, which means there's potential upside in Netflix stock.

Facebook Inc (FB): Advertising on Instagram Is Just Getting Started

Instagram is still somewhat difficult for businesses to use, but it’s about to get a whole lot easier ... which can only help FB stock.

Will Facebook Inc (FB) News Bias Affect Investors?

Facebook (FB) will likely be unaffected by accusations that it suppresses conservative stories, as bigger privacy issues didn't make a dent.