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Why Matterport is the Gateway to the Metaverse

The future is virtual. But what if the apps were…better? More natural, more fun? Welcome to the metaverse. And the company that’s quietly helping make this possible: Matterport.

Big News with Stablecoins: “PayPal Coin,” Powell’s Approval

Recent developments in the space support stablecoins as the “gateway” that could usher the general public into the New Digital World.

Why Blockchain Could Prevent Another Theranos

In the 2000s and 2010s, Holmes could rule Theranos without any checks and balances. In the New Digital World, the blockchain brings radical new standards that could stop even the most audacious founder of a smoke-and-mirrors startup.

Why Bitcoin And Friends Could Rise In January

November’s crypto crash was undeniably painful, and cryptos stayed down for the count through December... But if you look deeper than the price charts, there’s been plenty of encouraging news for “bitcoin maxis” and Web3 dreamers alike.

Should I Buy “Digital Gold” For Inflation?

Here's how bitcoin compares with the more traditional inflation hedge – gold – plus another key factor to consider before smashing that buy button on BTC.