Barry Cohen

Barry Cohen

Barry Cohen has nearly 30 years in communications and marketing, the majority in senior positions at three large international health care companies – Abbott Laboratories, Warner-Lambert (now part of Pfizer) and Bayer, Inc.

At Abbott, Cohen was a member of the company’s investor relations team, responsible for preparing all financial analyst presentations. He also oversaw the company’s award-winning annual and quarterly reports and was responsible for both the company’s investor seminar and annual shareholders’ meeting.

After relocating to Arizona, Cohen served as editor of M.D. News, a magazine for Phoenix-area physicians. Later he was a reporter for a weekly newspaper in a north Phoenix, where he specialized in business articles and profiles of local publicly traded companies.

To further his knowledge and understanding of financial markets, Cohen earned a series 7 broker’s license and was employed at Charles Schwab as a registered representative.  He returned to the communications field with CPRi Communications, where he wrote numerous case studies and bylined articles for the company’s clients in the health care information technology industry. Later, he worked for a Scottsdale, Ariz.-based investment bank preparing profiles of companies being offered for sale.

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