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Brian Nichols is the author of the critically acclaimed book, Taking Charge With Value Investing (McGraw-Hill, 2013) and the premium subscription service Tipping the Scale. Tipping the Scale is an equity research platform that uses a numeric scale instead of the traditional "buy, hold, sell" to identify the best investment opportunities in the market. Stock coverage is determined by market catalyst, and every company goes through a vigorous test in 10 different categories. The higher the total score, the bigger the upside. In addition, Tipping the Scale also provides a number of portfolio strategies to hedge the volatility of the market along with day-to-day monitoring of Brian's portfolio activity and performance. With an educational background in psychology, Brian takes pride in his ability to remain calm when others panic, and to capitalize on value whenever the market creates it. Brian covers all sectors of the market, but is truly passionate about technology, telecom and healthcare. As a columnist on InvestorPlace, Brian will bring timely analysis for stocks on the move, helping you distinguish between a value opportunity and a value trap.