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Charmel Delos Santos (RSS)
Author of "High Heeled Traders"

Charmel  Delos Santos began her trading journey while caring for her three young children in Sydney, Australia.   She liked the idea of having her own money while spending a lot of time with the kids so she ventured into stock trading and options, with little success initially, but finally achieving consistent profitability after  changing her trading style to “trade as a woman,”  making use of her shopping skills like spotting trends as well as bargain-hunting in the stock market.

Charmel has a Bachelor's degree in International Studies with honors, and studied under renowned trading coach Dr. Van Tharp.  Charmel manages her own fund and trades stocks and options based on  band trading and spreading concepts  She is keenly fascinated in  emerging markets and the interrelatedness of financial markets when it comes to Forex.   She also invests in real estate and gold.

Her unique mix of entrepreneurial upbringing, profession as business and systems analyst  in the  IT industry, family life and a strong women's influence allowed her to create  an analytical strategy and decision-making system that works effectively for private traders—especially for women given  their many roles and responsibilities.  Her book High Heeled Traders, written in a humorous storytelling style, contains not only the essential mindset and low-risk ideas to have in the business of trading and  a quick-win sample trading system, but also details the  step-by-step procedure for trading effectively so that you save time, money (and hair!) in trial and error.

Charmel mentors for the women investment programs by MIBX Qatar, Philippine Stock Exchange, and ThinkWoman Indonesia and  been featured in  international multimedia such as The Executive Qatar,  Abode Qatar, Women's Money Week (USA), Genius Moms (USA), SBS Australia, North Shore Times (Australia),  Business Mirror (Philippines), ABS-CBN News Channel.

Through her results-oriented Bull-Run Investing Webinar, Retirement Investing Webinar and Income Investing Workshop she helps men and women  achieve all-around trading business skills to reach their financial and life goals. Get her free eBook at