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Chris Johnson

About Chris Johnson

Before starting Johnson Research Group LLC (JRG), Chris Johnson worked in the financial services industry as a broker for 11 years and eight years as Director of Quantitative Analysis and Market Strategist with a well-known newsletter publisher.

Through this work, Chris became an expert at quantifying and studying the behavior of investors and financial markets, market sectors and indices. Along the way, Chris has developed numerous market analysis tools that harness the powerful combination of behavioral and technical analysis.

Chris is a frequent commentator on financial markets and is regularly seen in national print media, such as Barron’s, The Wall Street Journal, Financial Times, Bloomberg, USA Today and the A.P. Newswire. In addition to being a guest on several radio shows, Chris appears regularly on CNBC, Bloomberg TV and the Fox News Channel as an expert in the field of sentiment and investor behavior as well as technical analysis.

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