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Christopher Freeburn

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Christopher T. Freeburn has been a financial writer and editor for more than 10 years. He has worked at industry trade publications like Food Logistics, ChemicalWeek and Institutional Investor. His freelance articles have appeared in a variety of magazines, including Technology Review, Audubon and USA Weekend. He lives in Westchester County, just outside New York City.”

Recent Articles

United Airlines Emergency Slide Inflates Mid-Air in Cabin

A Los Angeles-bound United Airlines flight was forced to land in Kanas after an emergency slide deployed inside the cabin in mid-flight.

TWTR: World Cup Game Becomes Biggest Moment in Twitter History

During Saturday's World Cup match between Brazil and Chile, fans used Twitter (TWTR) to sent a record number of tweets.

TSLA: Tesla Wins Best Model Award

Strategic Vision’s 19th annual Total Quality Index (TQI) study has named Tesla Motors (TSLA) Model S as the Best Model in Total Quality.

GOOG: Google Gives Quickoffice App the Axe

Google says that its Quickoffice app is being discontinued and will be removed from GOOG's app store in coming weeks.

Friday Apple Rumors: 5.5-Inch iPhone 6 Gets Optical Image Stabilization

Apple to add premium optical technology to its 5.5-inch iPhone 6; Apple hires Atlas Wearables engineer; and Costco is selling iPhones again.