Chris Tyler

Chris Tyler

Chris Tyler, a Wall Street veteran of more than 20 years, began his career in the financial markets working on the trading floor of the AMEX in New York as an equity option market maker at Interactive Brokers’ floor trading unit Timber Hill LLC.

After moving to San Francisco to make markets on the P-Coast exchange during the dot-com craze and spending nearly a decade working in names like Philip Morris, Seagate and Compaq, Chris hung up his smock and trading badge, but not his passion for options and the markets.

Since exiting the floor, and for the better part of the past dozen years, Chris has worked as an option and market strategist, writing analyses for Trading Markets, Charles Schwab subsidiary Optionetics and as a featured columnist at Investor’s Business Daily.

Aside from offering his trading insights at, Chris is currently studying for his Accredited Portfolio Management Advisor (APMA) designation, manages investments for closely held accounts and offers his services as an investment strategist to GLJ Advisors, a CA based RIA.

Chris, his wife and blue heeler live in the Pacific NW. And if you can’t follow him around in your own VW Vanagon or Westfalia, feel free to follow him on Twitter via @Options_CAT.

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