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Dave Moenning (RSS)

David Moenning is the President and Chief Investment Strategist for Heritage Capital Management, a Chicago based SEC Registered Investment Advisory firm which he founded in 1989.

Mr. Moenning is also the founder of StateoftheMarkets.com, a website focusing on market timing, stock analysis, market news and research. He began writing "State of the Markets" in the late 1990s as a private journal aimed at identifying the market's primary drivers. Dave's daily column has evolved into an acclaimed market report focusing on the key drivers to both short-term and long-term market movements.

Mr. Moenning began his investment career in 1980 and became an independent money manager in 1987. Dave became a partner in a private money management firm in 1986 and then left to start Heritage in 1989. Thus, Dave has been "live" on the firing line and trading for a living for more than two decades.

Mr. Moenning graduated from Northern Illinois University in 1980 with degrees in Computer Science and Economics. He attended NIU on a track scholarship.

Dave's work has been featured on Seeking Alpha, TraderPlanet, iStockAnalyst, MarketWatch, Zacks, StreetInsider, TheStreet, InsideFutures, MarketFN and many other media outlets.

Dave resides with his wife of 31 years, 3 children and 2 dogs in Evergreen, Colorado and is an avid (some might say, obsessed) skier.