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Mullen Automotive Is the Only Rationally Valued EV Maker

MULN stock may not be the biggest name in the EV space, or the coolest, but it's ticking the right boxes for now, and moving forward.

Lucid Stock Is Headed Toward Buy Territory

LCID stock may be a bumpy ride right now, but the company is a good example of how planning and executing are what it takes for EV companies.

Gores Guggenheim Stock Makes Speculative Sense Here

It's true the SPAC market landed and overheated just at the tail end of the tech boom, but GGPI stock shows there are SPACs with promise.

Norwegian Cruise Lines Stock Is Doing Well, But for How Long?

There's certainly enough reasons to root for NCLH stock to succeed, but sadly there's much less reason to buy it here.

SOFI Stock: Do You Feel Lucky, Punk?

SOFI has blended the best of fintech’s national reach with customer-driven community bank feel.