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Virgin Galactic Takes Off, Literally More Than Figuratively

While SPCE stock is more than a meme stock, led by veteran CEO, it's still a new industry that will be transforming rapidly in coming years.

Aptinyx Stock Looks Promising If You’re Willing to Be Patient

When you're shopping for ground-floor biotech opportunities, it pays to be patient and diligent. APTX stock is looking good here.

Sundial Stock May Very Well Be Ready to Make a Real Comeback Here

I’ve written more than a few columns about Sundial Growers (NASDAQ:SNDL) stock. None of them have been bullish. Things have also played out as expected....

BlackBerry Stock Is the Real Deal, but Don’t Pay More than $10 for It

BlackBerry (NYSE:BB) stock is a play many GenXers and boomers are familiar with from the early days of mobile phones. Younger generations likely know it...

Cardano Is Out to Change the World…It May Take A While

Is Cardano practical? Now, if you set up your account so you delegate your stake to a group that funds schools in Ethiopia, then that is certainly more productive than many uses of your capital.