Jeremy Flint

Jeremy Flint

Expertise: Fixed-income investing, macroeconomic news; oil, gas, and utilities industries
Education: BS, Political Science & International Affairs, Florida State University. MBA, Finance, University of California - Davis

Jeremy Flint is an MBA graduate and freelance finance writer primarily emphasizing content creation for wealth managers and investment funds. A former U.S. Army officer, he brings strategic vision to content development and tactical analysis to stock picking and economic assessments.

He’s been obsessed with the markets since he was a teenager and is passionate about spreading financial literacy by using his expertise to break down obscure market concepts for retail traders. His main focus areas are fixed-income investing, alternative investments, macroeconomic news, and the oil, gas, and utilities sectors.

Jeremy lives in Austin, TX with his wife and son. His work can also be found at or on his LinkedIn.

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