John Lansing

John Lansing

John Lansing is not your typical Wall Street insider, but that hasn’t stopped him from making tons of money using his own winning stock market trading strategies. In fact, he started his career in hotel restaurant management, but his penchant for numbers, his photographic memory and a burning desire to “make good” led him to his true calling — technical trading.

In 1999, John turned his personal, successful trading practice into a full-time service for traders and investors in order to prevent what he saw as an impending disaster. When he analyzed the stock market sectors, he saw all of his charts pointing to a Nasdaq collapse and he couldn’t just keep that information to himself. He started telling his friends the news and created an outlet so that other grateful stock investors could be privy to this information as well. Out of this financial compassion came Trending123, his technical-analysis-based stock trading service.

As editor of Trending123, John employs a host of sophisticated online stock trading tools to gather the best information available on hot stocks and commodities, stock trends and the market and then picks stocks that his subscribers can get into and out of quickly for 10%-30% profits, helping them create a continual stream of profits.

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