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Bail For-Profit Colleges as Long as Obama Is on the Prowl

Investors should sell for-profit colleges, including APOL, ESI, DV and STRA, as long as the federal government has the industry in its crosshairs.

Ride Chinese Stocks Higher With Bank of China, China Life

Bank of China (BACHY) and China Life Insurance (LFC) should benefit from bank stimulus and the rally in Chinese stocks.

Book Hotel Stocks to Profit Quickly in 2015

Hotel stocks such as Hyatt, Extended Stay America and Wyndham should rally amid low gas prices and an improving labor market.

Buy Akamai Stock to Ride Several Tech Trends (AKAM)

Akamai stock should be boosted by the growth of its CDN and several other high-growth trends. And Apple? Well ... AKAM holders shouldn't sweat Apple.