Laura Hoy

Laura Hoy

Laura is a graduate of Duquesne University and has been a finance journalist for four years, when she began writing macroeconomic articles on a freelance basis. Since then, she has traveled the world and settled in the U.K. with her husband. She has been able to fund her lifestyle through a combination of savvy investments and frugal finances and believes in taking risks when the market is fearful.

Recent Articles

Virgin Galactic Stock Won’t Go Stratospheric Anytime Soon

SPCE stock may be the only way investors can invest in space tourism, but that doesn't make it a good investment. Without any idea what Virgin Galactic's service will eventually look like, it's difficult to imagine the company generating enough interest to make money.

Even After Bankruptcy, Don’t Buy Whiting Petroleum Stock

WLL stock isn't a buy now, and it won't be post-bankruptcy. The company has no play on renewable and weak oil prices will persist for a while.

Right Now, iBio Stock Is Even More Risky Than You Might Have Thought

Buying a stock because it could be part of the solution to coronavirus is a risky way to play an already volatile market. IBIO stock's weak financials make it all the more dependent on coronavirus drugs to deliver.

3 Growth Stocks That Could Double

FB, AVGO and MARk all have plenty of growth left in the tank as they stand to benefit from major shifts in society over the next few years.

3 Cybersecurity Stocks to Buy for a More Secure Tomorrow

When it comes to cybersecurity stocks, OKTA, CSCO and FTNT are three stocks to consider