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Trust the Stock Market and Invest in Virgin Galactic Now

SPCE stock continues to be attractive as investors are banking heavily on the billion-dollar potential of Virgin Galactic

Inovio Pharmaceutical’s FDA Plight Makes It a Highly Risky Bet

INO stock has tumbled in the past few months. Inovio needs the FDA to bail it out by allowing the advanced trials of its vaccine to begin.

Fisker Looks Promising At This Point But Isn’t a Buy Yet

Fisker stock is an attractive play in the EV space, but with the Ocean's release still a couple of years away, it is best to wait for more news.

As It Flags in the 5G Race, Nokia Stock Is in for a Very Long Winter

Nokia stock is down this month on the back of a disappointing third quarter and its lacklustre performance in the 5G realm

A Vulnerable Pipeline Continues to Weigh Down Sorrento Stock

Sorrento stock continues to be weighed down by the company's inefficacious product pipeline making it an incredibly risky investment.