Michael VanLoon

Michael VanLoon

Michael VanLoon runs www.thereitforum.com, a free service covering REITs, BDCs, preferred shares, and a few baby bonds. He began working in stock analysis in 2014 and heavily investing in his area of expertise in late 2015.

He gained a reputation at Colorado Wealth Management Fund for his snarky writing. He’s also one of the few analysts who regularly posts their trading history, including screenshots from order execution. Why screenshots? Because it eliminates any doubt about whether “trades” are real cash trades or just an entry in a spreadsheet. Who needs an analyst that doesn’t put their wealth on the line?

Most of his articles focus on dividend stocks. His strategy involves a mix of buy-and-hold investments that generate growth and trading in high-yield shares to capitalize on swings in valuation. He began stock analysis because he enjoys helping retail investors compete with Wall Street.

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