Mike Scanlin

Mike Scanlin

Mike Scanlin is CEO of Born to Sell, a website dedicated to covered call investors. Mike has personally used the covered call strategy for 30 years, and decided it was time to create a set of modern web-based tools to help investors screen for covered call candidates, as well as manage their existing covered call positions to maximize monthly income. Born to Sell is a subscription service to best-of-breed software tools for covered call investors.

Mike has had successful careers in software engineering, the business world and the web industry. He succeeded as a software engineer for Storm Technology (which went public on NASDAQ in 1994) and General Magic (public on NASDAQ in 1997). After this, Mike shifted gears to the business world. He was a member of the early team and VP Entrepreneur Development at investment bank Garage.com (now Garage Technology Ventures). After getting his NASD licenses, Mike hired a team of technical and business people who were responsible for sourcing deals, evaluating opportunities and coaching entrepreneurs on how to optimize their businesses and present to investors. During Mike’s time at Garage he read over 10,000 executive summaries and Garage helped dozens of companies raise $330 million in venture financing. Mike then worked as a VC at Sierra Ventures for four years and a Partner at Battery Ventures for two years.

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