Regina Borsellino

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If Big Tech Doesn’t Self-Regulate, Governments Will Do It for Them

Big Tech companies have allowed hateful content to propagate without clear, industry-wide protocols. If the rash of violence cannot spur them into action, perhaps the hit to their bottoms lines will.

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GBH Insights: Apple Stock Price Target Raised to $245

GBH insights believes that the next generation of iPhones will trigger even more growth for AAPL stock.

A Single Study Is No Reason to Sell Crispr Stock

Crispr stock is down 7% on the release of a new study. But the headline is not nearly as scary as it sounds.

8 Biotech Stocks With IPOs This Week

These eight biotech stocks are all going to the public well. Here's everything you need to know about these biotech IPOs before you give them your hard-earned cash.