Regina Borsellino

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Why the Gig Economy Doesn’t Work

No one is winning in the current gig economy. Companies that can't turn a profit are facing regulation and workers are facing homelessness.

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Another quarter is in the books for the Best Stocks for 2019 contest, let's see where these 10 analyst-chosen stocks ranked.

7 Things to Know About the History of Overstock and Patrick Byrne

The headlines surrounding OSTK and ex-CEO Patrick Byrne are odd, but they are far from the first in the history of Overstock.

10 Best Stocks for 2019: A Volatile First Half

At the halfway point of the Best Stocks for 2019 contest, three tech companies and a pot stock are battling for second while a retailer sits happily in first.

The Jobs Report Isn’t an Effective Metric for the U.S. Economy

The jobs report may not be inaccurate, but it doesn't tell investors the whole story about the economy. The real truth is harder to swallow.