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Robert Lakin

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JPMorgan Set To Take On Paypal, Square in Fintech for Merchant Payments

JPMorgan is rolling out a fintech challenger called QuickAccept to give SMBs free fast funding. Paypal and Square are clearly in the big bank's sights.

SPAQ Merger Partner Fisker Signs To Manufacture EV Ocean SUV in Europe

SPAQ stock target Fisker will initially manufacture its Ocean electric SUV exclusively by Magna in Europe.

Largest Bank Earnings Set to Show Path to Long Recovery

Quarterly earnings reports from the largest banks in the US are expected to make it clear that the country's economy is in for a long recovery.

Ant Group IPO News: Secretive Process Viewed as Unusual by Bankers

Ant is following a highly unusual process that draws on some of the tactics its former parent and affiliate Alibaba previously used.

Nvidia Apologizes for RTX 3080 GPU Shortage, Increases Supply

Last week's Nvidia GeForce RTX 3080 launch was simultaneously the best GPU launch ever and the most frustrating.