Ron Ianieri

Ron Ianieri

Just before the crash of 1987, Ron Ianieri began his options career on the floor of the Philadelphia Stock Exchange. He worked for Cooper, Neff and Associates, a highly respected technical and analytical trading firm. During his career, Ron worked on the Equity Options floor and the Foreign Currency Options floor as both a market maker and a specialist.

Ron was best known for his years spent as the Options Specialist in Dell (DELL) in the early and mid-1990s, when DELL was one of the busiest equity options books ever.

Ron earned the respect of the Options floor for the development and teaching of his Option Trader Trainee Course. Since starting Options University with his partner, Brett Fogle, in 2004, Ron travels the world teaching individual investors the same options class he developed on the trading floor.

Ron is regularly seen on CNBC, CNBC Asia, Fox News, Fox Business News, Bloomberg Asia and BNN delivering his market commentary. He is also frequently quoted in many financial publications and Web sites including,, Dow Jones MarketWatch, Barron’s, Wall Street Journal, ABC News and countless radio talk shows.

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