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The Tongue Patch: ‘Barbaric’ Weight Loss Method Gains Traction in U.S.

A California cosmetic surgeon offers a procedure that involves sewing a patch onto a patient’s tongue, making eating solid foods too painful.

Outraged Man Repays Insurance With Four Tons of Quarters

A man ordered to forfeit $500,000 in insurance money he received after his son's death in a car crash made his first payment with 150 bags of quarters.

Simon Cowell Having Baby With Close Friend’s Wife

Simon Cowell, the “X-Factor” creator and judge and former judge on “American Idol,” allegedly impregnated the wife of real estate magnate Andrew Silverman.

NBA Player Signs $80M Deal With Wizards

Point guard John Wall signed an $80 million contract to stay on with the Washington Wizards for five years, the first 2010 draftee to extend his contract.

Facebook Rolls Out ‘Embed Post’ Option

Facebook is rolling out a new feature that allows users to embed posts on third party sites, eschewing screenshots for direct clickable content.