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Serge Berger
Serge Berger (RSS)
InvestorPlace Chief Technical Analyst

Serge Berger is the Head Trader and Investment Strategist for The Steady Trader.

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Trade of the Day: Snap Inc (SNAP) Stock Is Coming Alive

Oct. 17, 2017, 7:16 am EDT – Although pessimism around SNAP stock remains high and the stock volatile, the charts are painting a more constructive picture. More 

Near-Term Bullish Complacency Is High (To Say the Least)

Oct. 16, 2017, 7:48 am EDT – I still foresee another rally for stocks into year-end, yet a little reset moment would go a long way in setting up trades with better reward to risk ratios. More 

Trade of the Day: Cisco Systems, Inc. (CSCO) Stock Could Flex Its Muscles

Oct. 16, 2017, 7:16 am EDT – CSCO stock, despite a choppy run for 2017, looks constructively positioned into year-end for investors on the fence. More 

Trade of the Day: Wal-Mart Stores Inc (WMT) Stock Is a Tale of Two Timeframes

Oct. 13, 2017, 7:17 am EDT – WMT stock is a tale of two time-frames; in the near-term Walmart is overbought while into year-end it could have plenty further upside. More 

Trade of the Day: McDonald’s Corporation (MCD) Is Sizzling Again

Oct. 12, 2017, 7:31 am EDT – Given its posture, into year-end MCD stock could be a source of another round of profits for traders and investors. More 

Trade of the Day: Valero Energy Corporation (VLO) Stock Worked Like a Charm

Oct. 11, 2017, 7:20 am EDT – VLO stock despite the recent sharp breakout rally, barring a big bearish reversal in the energy sector, looks to have plenty more upside. More 

Trade of the Day: 2 Ways to Trade Costco Wholesale Corporation (COST) Stock

Oct. 10, 2017, 7:11 am EDT – COST stock just faced a two-day selloff, dipping the stock price back below even. Here's how to approach Costco. More 

Will Stocks Ever See a Down-Day Again?

Oct. 9, 2017, 7:44 am EDT – Trend followers, algorithms and under-performing fund managers last week all favored hitting the buy button, keeping stocks aimed upward. More 

Trade of the Day: Reiterating the Bullish Call on Intel Corporation (INTC) Stock

Oct. 9, 2017, 7:23 am EDT – Intel's recent rally brought about more relative strength and could see INTC stock melt higher into year-end. More 

Trade of the Day: Apache Corporation (APA) Stock Could Be a Gusher

Oct. 6, 2017, 7:43 am EDT – Although near-term overbought, through the intermediate APA stock may just be getting a larger rally underway. More