Sure Dividend

Sure Dividend

Sure Dividend helps you build your high-quality dividend growth portfolio at a tiny fraction of the cost of traditional money management.

Sure Dividend uses The 8 Rules of Dividend Investing to systematically rank high-quality dividend growth stocks. Each of the 8 Rules of Dividend Investing are based on academic research that has historically either increased returns or reduced risk.

These rules combined with a consistent long-term investment philosophy give Sure Dividend investors an edge by lowering investing expenses while investing in great businesses trading at fair or better prices.

There are currently over 180 businesses with 25-plus years of steady or increasing dividend payments. The database includes all of the Dividend Aristocrats and Dividend Kings.

Sure Dividend is run by me, Ben Reynolds. I believe investing in great businesses trading at fair or better prices should be inexpensive and easy. The more people that benefit from high-quality dividend growth investing, the fewer people will be left struggling in retirement.

Unlike most newsletters, I respond to questions from my readers personally. My goal is to help as many people as possible benefit from dividend growth investing. Take a moment to visit my site, Sure Dividend. Thanks for taking the time to read my author bio, I hope you’ve found my work useful.

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