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Ark Investment Management Offers Paradise … for Gamblers Only

Avoid the ARKK ETF as Ark Investment Management focuses on over-hyped growth stocks without intensive research and focus on profitability.

Walmart Stock Is A Long-Term Buy And Hold For The Ages

Walmart stock isn't dirt cheap, but its business diversity and heavy investment spending creates a long-term opportunity.

Netflix Growth Trajectory Looks To Be Slowing

Netflix growth is slowing which makes its inflated multiples unrealistic. Netflix stock can go up for only 2 reasons, but down for a thousand.

7 Overvalued Blue-Chip Stocks That Are Not Tech Stocks

While tech stocks are expected to be highly valued, it makes no sense for mature blue-chip stocks to be valued so highly.

Spirit Airlines Is On Track to Enjoy a Spirited Recovery

The low-cost operations and strong management team of Spirit Airlines may make SAVE stock a solid recovery play going forward.