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Todd Shriber

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Westwater Resources Stock Has Potential, but It Has to Produce the Goods

Fast-forward to 2020, WWR spent the bulk of this year trading around $2, save for a rapid doubling in June in which that particularly party ended as abruptly as it started. Come October, price action in Westwater got really interesting. It was laboring around $2 at the start of the month before vaulting to $14.50. As this piece is being drafted on Oct. 20, WWR closed at $4.50.

Sorrento Therapeutics Is a Vaccine Movie That Investors Have Already Seen

Sorrento has lots of Covid-19 exposure, but it might be too much as reflected by recent weakness in SRNE stock.

5 SPAC IPOs That Could Sooner Go To Zero

However, history confirms that many SPAC IPOs don't deliver returns on par with comparable companies that went public the traditional route. Additionally, not all SPACs find a company to partner with, meaning the blank-check firm, if it doesn't accomplish that goal within two years, is vulnerable to liquidation.

3 Behavioral Finance Strategies to Keep Your Emotions in Check

These three behavioral finance strategies can help investors get out of their own heads and move on to to more effective trading.

As the Chip Market Heats Up, It’s Time to Talk About Taiwan Semiconductor

Investors looking for a credible long-term bet on the growth of the chip business ought to consider TSM stock.