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Todd Shriber

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5G ETFs offer the best way for investors to get involved in the 5G movement without picking individual stocks.

Co-Diagnostics Could Be a Prudent Coronavirus Play

CODX stock could continue delivering upside if its novel coronavirus test kit proves accurate and vaccines take awhile to come to market.

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Southwest Airlines is bouncing back and layoffs are helping, but increased bookings would be better for LUV stock.

Starbucks Will Bounce Back, but Spending Habits Could Change

What's potentially tricky about this stock from here is that its recent price action suggests a couple things that don't come with guarantees of materializing. First, a 56% rally for a company of this size in just over two months implies that many of the roughly 40 million jobs shed by the U.S. economy during the pandemic will be rapidly restored. Second, the stock is acting as though consumer spending habits aren't changing as a result of Covid-19.

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