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Todd Shriber

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5 Actively Managed ETFs Worth the Price of Admission

Low fees are undoubtedly nice, but there are some instances where it's worth paying up for higher fee products. Today, there are more than 200 active ETFs in the U.S., but combined asset penetration of these funds still pales in comparison to their passive counterparts.

Snap Stock Has Plenty of Strength Left Despite Upcoming Challenges

Snap stock is on fire this year and that trend can continue if the company can boost ad revenue and user engagement.

Dow Jones Today: Plenty of Trade Questions Need to be Answered

Following last week's trade ebullience, stocks drifted around on the Dow Jones today because there are more trade issues to be resolved.

Aurora Cannabis Flirts With Penny Stock Status

Sure, there are some reasons to consider holding onto Aurora Cannabis stock, despite a dubious record of execution. Investors with high risk tolerance can hold this name or the extremely patient that are waiting for increased liberalization of the Canadian recreational market and other fundamental factors.

Activision Blizzard Stock: Where Headwinds and Opportunity Collide

Activision still has plenty of potential, but investors may want to wait for margins to rebound and to see how well Call of Duty performs.