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Todd Shriber

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These States Hold the Keys to Success for DraftKings Stock

On Wednesday, DKNG gained 2.32% to reach its highest levels on a month on reports that Michigan is likely to imminently allow internet casinos and online sports betting. It was known that the Wolverine State signed off on those activities, but the timeline is being accelerated to the benefit of gaming equities.

5 Electric Vehicle ETFs Getting a Big Biden Boost

For many investors, particularly those priced out of Tesla or those new to this space, electric vehicle ETFs make a lot of sense.

The 7 Top Dividend Stocks for 2021

Steady dividends are a big benefit for many top stocks of 2021, and that's good news for investors. Get in on these dividend stocks now.

Politics Could Pinch Swtichback, But Long-Term Outlook Is Compelling

Political outcomes fostered upside for SBE stock, but electric vehicle adoption trends will carry the day from here.

McDonald’s Stock Can Climb After the Pandemic

McDonald's, the world's largest fast-food chain by market capitalization, offers an alluring combination of some coronavirus resilience and ample post-pandemic opportunity.