Tom Essaye

Tom Essaye

Mr. Essaye began his career in financial services in 2002, when he joined Merrill Lynch’s Institutional Equity trading division, where he traded equities for clients on the floor of the New York Stock Exchange. While on the floor Mr. Essaye formulated, implemented and managed execution strategies for multimillion-dollar equity trades from some of the largest hedge and mutual funds in the world. Additionally, he traded multiple special situations for the firm’s clients including mergers, IPO’s, and secondaries.

In the spring of 2005, Mr. Essaye recognized a unique fundamental investment opportunity in the natural resource markets, and joined a natural resource and commodity focused hedge fund. His initial role at the fund was serving as the director of trading and investor relations, and later as a portfolio manager of a multimillion-dollar portfolio comprised of energy futures and energy sector equities. In addition to managing that portfolio, Mr. Essaye was a frequent speaker at investor and industry events and conferences, where he presented the fund and its investment strategy.

In May of 2009 Mr. Essaye was hired by Weiss Research, a leading financial publisher, as Vice President of Products and Publications. He managed a team of four research analysts and eight portfolio managers. While at Weiss Mr. Essaye led the investment and trading strategy of the firm, and provided internal market and economic analysis to the portfolio managers and analysts.

In January 2012, Mr. Essaye launched a new firm whose mission is to provide institutional quality market analysis and insight to retail investors and financial advisors. The firm’s research product, The 7:00’s Report, is read daily by hundreds of advisors from bulge bracket investment banks and independent investment advisory firms including Merrill Lynch, Morgan Stanley, Wells Fargo, Raymond James, LPL Financial, UBS, Barclays, as well as institutional trading desks, hedge funds and sophisticated individual investors. Mr. Essaye has been a frequent guest on national TV, radio and print media, including CNBC, Bloomberg, Fox Business, Forbes and MarketWatch, where he has discussed a variety of topics including the commodity and stocks markets and macro-economics.

Mr. Essaye is a cum laude graduate of Vanderbilt University with a major in business management and minors in finance and philosophy, and received his MBA from the Hough Graduate School of Business at the University of Florida.

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