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Cosmos (ATOM) Price Predictions: Where Will the ATOM Crypto Go After Its Record High?

Cosmos surged to a new all-time high around $32 today, but some experts could see ATOM-USD climbing as high as $191 in five years.

Pokeball (POKE) Price Predictions: Where Will the Pokeball Crypto Go After 700% Gains?

It's not the only Pokemon-related cryptocurrency on the market, but its certainly the hottest at the moment. After surging more than 700%, where does POKE-USD go next?

Dogecoin News: eToro Adds DOGE Trading as Dogecoin Prices Race Higher

A new listing on eToro's cryptocurrency exchange is supporting the upward trend in Dogecoin as supporters aim to break resistance at 42 cents and potentially take the coin to 50 cents.

AIOZ Network (AIOZ) Price Predictions: Where Will the AIOZ Crypto Go Next?

AIOZ Network just reached a big milestone and its native cryptocurrency is surging in trading. What's next for AIOZ Network?

Fantom (FTM) Price Predictions: Where Will FTM Go After HyperChain Investment?

A $15 million investment follows high-profile endorsements and partnerships for Fantom, one of the fastest blockchains following a network upgrade last week.