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The InvestorPlace Q&A: Invest In the New Economy With 6 Hot ProShares Funds

ProShares has launched 6 new thematic ETFs over the past two months, with a focus on helping investors gain exposure to megatrends for the new economy. ProShares Executive Director of Thematic Funds Scott Helfstein explains what kind of investors should be looking at these funds and what role they can play in your portfolio.

ORPH Stock: What to Know as Orphazyme Pops Again Ahead of June 17 Catalyst

Up nearly 90% today, meme stock Orphazyme is trading at sky high volume just one day ahead of an FDA review for its key drug candidate.

Where to Buy Solana Crypto: 9 Ways You Can Buy the SOL Coin Now

Solana utilizes a proof-of-stake protocol to validate transactions, meaning you have to own some SOL-USD before you can start earning it.

Mina Price Predictions: How High Can the MINA Crypto Run?

Mina Protocol has a tiny blockchain but big dreams and a number of privacy-focused features that make it very attractive for cryptocurrency bulls.

Solana (SOL) Price Predictions: How High Can the Ethereum Killer Soar?

A large and successful funding round has investors eager for Solana's next move. But will SOL-USD have its moment in the sun as the Ethereum killer? Only time will tell.