Behind the Wall

Until now, most retail investors have been forced to rely on quarterly conference calls, talking heads and media outsiders for information. That information ultimately gets diluted. Smart investors know that the best information is straight from the source. Joanna Makris has worked on Wall Street for over 20 years. While on the Street, she worked passionately to find the best tech investments.

Now, in her Behind the Wall series, Joanna brings that vital edge and experience — along with hard-to-get insider connections — directly to you, the retail investors.

She’ll help you get ahead of the pack with a Wall Street edge. Going “behind the wall,” Joanna asks the big questions that matter the most to you. In the process, she’ll get answers that are normally only heard by institutional investors.

Through all of this insider access, she’ll help place these insights into actionable investing contexts.

Behind the Wall: Biden’s Infrastructure Bill Will Boost Electric Vehicle Fleets

Go Behind the Wall with GreenPower Motor Company CEO Fraser Atkinson for a closer look at Biden’s trillion dollar infrastructure bill.

Behind the Wall: Elon Musk Needs This Phosphate Miner On Speed Dial

We go Behind the Wall with Brian Ostroff, CEO of Arianne Phosphate, to get down to the nitty gritty of phosphate supply and demand.

Behind the Wall: Growth Stocks Still the Best Bet for 2022, says Mizuho Chief Economist

As the year ends, we go Behind the Wall with Mizuho Securities's Steve Ricchiuto to talk housing, labor, and supply chain headed into 2022.

Behind the Wall: A Holiday Investing Special! How Tech Execs Are Spreading the Yuletide Cheer

The year might be winding down, but holiday investing is in full swing. Here are what past Behind the Wall guests are hoping to get from Santa, plus a peek at the Naughty or Nice list and their top stocks for 2022.

Behind the Wall: Fund Manager Says EV Stocks Will Ride ‘Rising Tide’

With EV stocks at "nosebleed" valuations, Snow Bull Capital CEO Taylor Ogan discusses his view of the market and how to play it.

Behind the Wall: CFRA Analyst Says Lucid Stock Is In A “Class of Its Own”

CFRA's Senior Equity Research Analyst Garrett Nelson shares his views on LCID stock and how this EV David could beat Tesla's Goliath.

Behind the Wall: Psychedelics Have ‘Absolutely Transformational’ Potential

Is now the time to invest in psychedelic stocks? Dustin Robinson, founder of venture capital firm Iter Investments, says yes and explains why.

Behind the Wall: MicroVision CEO ‘More Confident Than Ever’ In the Battle for Lidar Dominance

Joanna Makris sits down with Sumit Sharma, CEO of MicroVision, to get his take on what's happening in the automotive lidar market and why he's feeling "more confident ... than ever before."

Behind the Wall: Innoviz CEO Anticipates Lidar Industry Shakeout

Omer Keilaf, CEO and cofounder of Innoviz Technologies, gives his take on the future of lidar as well as an assessment of his competitors.

Fireside Chat: A Defensive SPAC Strategy to Battle Market Uncertainty

CrossingBridge Advisors Founder and Portfolio Manager David Sherman discusses the firm's new Pre-Merger SPAC ETF and how he's trading SPAC stocks.

Fireside Chat: Does the Latest Bill Ackman Lawsuit Spell Doom for SPACs?

Investing legal expert William Birdthistle breaks down Ackman's recent legal mess with Pershing Square and shares his views on what's next for SPACs.

Fireside Chat: The Future of SPACs Is Bright Despite Early Chaos

SPAC expert Kris Tuttle talks about the future of SPACs, taking a deep dive into what's hot in the space and what's quickly losing steam.

Fireside Chat: Fleet Electrification Is the Key to a Green Energy Future

TeraWatt Infrastructure CEO Neha Palmer discusses fleet electrification, how it can accelerate our green energy future and much more.

Fireside Chat: Meet the CEO With A Plan to Bring 5G to the Masses

Our latest Fireside Chat with Cambium Networks CEO Atul Bhatnagar considers catalysts for 5G and how CMBM is bridging the digital divide.

Fireside Chat: Meet the CEO Changing the Way We Think About EVs

Ahead of FUV earnings, CEO Mark Frohnmayer of Arcimoto sat down for a Fireside Chat about mass production, short-seller allegations and more.

Fireside Chat: Meet the Electric Battery Industry’s Next ‘Top Chef’

A key technology disruptor talks about the limitations of today’s electric vehicle batteries, a complicated supply chain and more.

Fireside Chat: Meet the Man Who’s Forging Our EV Charging Infrastructure

Andrew Fox, CEO of Charge Enterprises speaks on the electric vehicle and micromobility markets and much more.

Fireside Chat: It’s Time to Meet Lidar’s Biggest Rulebreaker

The CEO and co-founder of Innoviz Technologies offers his take on autonomous driving, why Elon Musk is wrong about lidar and much more.