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Top 10 Market Villains of 2010

Find out who were the year's biggest offenders

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Enemies of the Market

Top 10 Market Villains of 2010

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Every year has its heroes, and every year has villains. Some say that in the financial markets, there are a fewer heroes than villains. And while this concept is certainly up for debate, there’s no debating that there are indeed some very real market villains that rear their ugly heads each year. 

In 2008, the most egregious were the big banking executives that put the global economy at risk with their outrageous leveraged bets. In 2009, it was the infamous Bernie Madoff, whose grand-scale Ponzi scheme was unrivaled in the annals of fiscal malfeasance. This year’s crop of biggest villains doesn’t have the same criminal star power as Madoff, but each in their own right represents no-less-flagrant an offender.

Here are the 10 biggest market villains of 2010.

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