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How Rising Gas Prices Will Affect the 15 Biggest U.S. Companies

Thankfully, the largest stocks are largely insulated

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High gas prices are all over the news as crude oil continues to creep higher. Thanks to saber rattling over Iran, crude oil prices are above $100 and looking to march upward. The prospect of $5 gasoline prices is not outside the realm of possibility, and businesses and consumers alike are tightening their belts.

Many studies say how expensive gas is like a tax on economic growth because it eats into margins for businesses and eats into the spending power of ordinary Americans. Particularly hard hit are smaller companies and lower-income Americans, who don’t have that much wiggle room in their budgets.

But how are the largest U.S. companies (measured by market capitalization) going to fare amid expensive gas? Let’s take a look at the top 15 publicly traded stocks to see:

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