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7 Films Butchering Childhood Classics

Entertainment companies often cash in on beloved characters

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Speed Racer

Take a popular Japanese anime series, hand it over to Warner Bros., and what do you get?

Flashy visual effects … and otherwise a flaming disappointment for loyal Speed Racer fans.

Despite being written and directed by the Wachowskis — directors of The Matrix franchise — Speed Racer was a critical and box office failure on the big screen back in 2008. Reviewers didn’t hate it quite as much as they did Garfield and The Smurfs, but fans didn’t like it as much as those travesties.

While bright colors and fast cars were enough to lure in some unknowing kids, they weren’t enough to do much else. The movie’s budget was estimated to be around $120 million, and its first weekend grossed around 15% of that — far below expectations. Total sales came in at just over $40 million domestically and $90 million worldwide.

Luckily, that means we won’t have to see Speed Racer 2: A Tail of Two Chim-Chims.

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