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3 Dead Stocks Still Walking

HPQ, BBY and GMCR confound the critics and stay afloat

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zombie bloodbath 630The market has done well in the year to date — and heck, even for the past 12 months.

The Dow Jones Industrial Average and S&P 500 are both up more than 15% year-to-date, with returns in excess of 21% across the latest 12-month period.

While a rising tide might not lift all boats, the three stocks listed below have seen their respective ships not only move up, but prosper despite being virtually dead in the water. Bad management decisions, poor products and fierce competition helped suck the life out of these stocks, and yet one year later all have made comebacks that leave the market returns in the dust.

What’s happened to change their fortunes? Let’s take a look at our three dead stocks still walking:

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