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10 Blue Chips With Cash Cushions for a Crisis

Big war chests make these stocks the definition of stable

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CashWhen folks are worried about an economic downturn, they typically cut back on spending, focus on building up their savings and ensure they have plenty of job security to provide reliable income for their family.

And in corporate America, the mindset is very much the same. That is, businesses focus on trimming the fat from operations to improve efficiency, achieving the most reliable cash flow and a building a big cushion of cash and investments to weather any downturns.

When you look at your portfolio, then, it’s easy to see what businesses are best-prepared for a downturn by focusing on these metrics.

If you’re concerned about a pullback, consider these 10 big-name blue chips that fit that description, with lots of cash in the bank, rich operating cash flow as well as very high revenue-per-employee efficiency.

Here’s the list:

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