How You Can Invest $1,000 … Right Now

Put your money to work one of these four easy ways

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How You Can Invest $1,000 … Right Now

#2. Invest in Yourself

businessman iStock 000007342968XSmall e1287685464720 How You Can Invest $1,000 ... Right NowIn the words of financial journalist and web entrepreneur James Altucher, his best investment was “in either myself or people I knew very well who were building companies.”

If you have a knack for writing, just a few hundred bucks can get you a domain name and server space for a website. If you have a knack for home improvement, take out a few ads and see what happens.

The downside, of course, is that this equation is most profitable if you consider your time isn’t worth much, and those folks with a busy schedule may find the idea downright impossible. But aside from the satisfaction of being your own boss — even on a part-time or occasional basis — you may find this is the most profitable long-term investment you’ve ever made.

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