5 Examples of How We’re Living in the Future

Companies like SSNLF and DDD are bringing us the future

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5 Examples of How We’re Living in the Future


Water185 5 Examples of How Were Living in the FutureIf solar power is sorcery, then NeverWet is something akin to dark magic.

The Rust-Oleum product is a superhydrophobic water repellent, which basically means it uses its magical powers to repel water in all forms. Rain, mud, snow — all of it basically rolls off the surface. It’s primarily used for hardware and construction, and sadly not recommended for use on electronics.

Rust-Oleum isn’t publicly traded, but it has plenty of competitors who can’t be far behind on these kinds of protective substances. Companies like 3M (MMM) and DuPont (DD) probably have competing products in R&D right now.

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