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5 Financial Moves I’d Make If I Were Starting Over

The earlier you start making smart financial choices, the better

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#3: Find a Life Partner Who Agrees on Money Matters

Sparkling Diamond RingMarriages nowadays face a lot of obstacles. According to a University of Virginia study, spouses who feel their partner spends money foolishly have a 45% higher-than-average divorce rate. After extramarital affairs and alcohol/drug abuse, financial disputes are the third most common risk factor in marriages that break up.

Get to know your fiancé or fiancée’s thoughts on money before you say “I do.” If you don’t like what you discover, say “I don’t.” During our courtship, Enid struck me as the thriftiest person I had ever met — next to my old buddy Smokey Johnson, who always ordered a 10-cent Fishwich at McDonald‘s (MCD). From the start, I knew that marrying her was like collecting an extra dividend check every day of my life. We’ve never argued about how much to spend — only how little!

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