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3 Best Netflix Streaming Movies for the Holidays

These three Netflix movies will put you in the holiday mood

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Best Streaming Netflix Movies: Jingle All the Way

Best-Streaming-Netflix-Movies-jingle-All-the-WayHere’s the thing: Jingle All the Way isn’t exactly a good movie, at least not by conventional measures. But there are a limited number of Christmas movies on Netflix, and this one’s underrated.

Jingle All the Way stars Arnold Schwarzenegger as a dad trying to win back his son’s respect. And what better way to do that than buying him the most popular action figure out there? He sets out to buy a Turbo Man, runs into another dad (Sinbad), who’s trying to do the same thing, and hijinks ensue.

This film probably won’t top many lists of the best Netflix streaming movies, so if you’re looking for the next It’s a Wonderful Life, you should probably look elsewhere. But if you’re looking for a movie that’s so bad it’s good, with a little bit of consumerist culture commentary, this this is one of the best movies on Netflix for you.

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