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Google Chromebook Review – Samsung Chromebook Series 3 Is Solid

Samsung version of Google Chromebook is a great value

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Google Chromebook Review – Samsung Clearly Looks to Apple for Inspiration

I’ve been a big fan of the Apple MacBook Air since it was introduced. Samsung (no stranger to copying Apple) has done a pretty decent job of replicating the look of the MacBook Air with its Google Chromebook Series 3. Think I’m being harsh on Samsung? Check out the photo on the right with the Samsung Chromebook Series 3 beside my 11-inch MacBook Air. Mine isn’t the only Google Chromebook review that’s noted this uncanny resemblance.

google-chromebook-review-samsung-chrome-book-series-3Outside of the visual similarities, there are things you need to know about the Samsung Chromebook Series 3 hardware. First, where Apple MacBooks and many Ultrabooks are made of aluminum, this Google Chromebook is made of painted plastic. It uses a mobile CPU — not an Intel (INTC) processor — and the LED display is nothing special.

It also has only 2MB of RAM, 16 GB of storage and the keyboard is a little mushy. The lid is tight and makes the device top-heavy — it’s very easy to accidentally flip the whole thing over when adjusting the display angle. In its Google Chromebook review, PC Mag was getting over 5 hours of battery life on the Samsung 303C12; I frequently saw six hours in mixed use.

But, that 16GB is an SSD so booting up is a wicked fast 10 seconds and the keyboard is better than most Bluetooth add-on versions for tablets. And above all, you have to remember, this machine cost only $249 … so premium touches are going to be missing. Any Google Chromebook review that directly pits this dirt cheap Samsung machine against a $999 MacBook Air or even a $500 PC laptop in a hardware shootout is missing the point.

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