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Apple Mac Pro Review: New Mac Pro Is a Pricey Aluminum Winner

Mac Pro review sites consistently praise power, design of AAPL Mac desktop PC

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Apple Mac Pro Review: Raw Power and Expandability

mac-pro-review-appleThe 2013 Mac Pro comes standard with an Intel (INTC) quad-core Xeon E5 processor and 12GB or RAM. It can be upgraded to an 8-core CPU with 64 GB or RAM and dual AMD (AMD) video cards for a resulting 7 Teraflops of processing power. It’s capable of driving three 4K displays simultaneously, or 6 Thunderbolt displays. And as pointed out in Digital Trends’ comparison Apple Mac Pro review, all this power actually comes at a $800 cheaper entry price than the 2012 model.

That being said, the 2013 Mac Pro is still a pricey machine.

That compact form factor doesn’t come at the cost of expandability, although it does mean expansion is largely external. More storage space? Aside from the single SSD, you’ll need to hook up a ThunderBolt drive. However, AAPL has included enough of those ports that professionals looking for a workstation-class Mac Pro should be satisfied.

When AAPL revealed its new professional Mac desktop, there was immediate concern that the ultra-compact PC was going down the path of the iPad and MacBook Pro –becoming virtually impossible for users to open up for repairs or upgrades. So the iFixit Apple Mac Pro review showing the opposite was welcome news for Mac fans. In fact, virtually everything can be replaced or upgraded in this PC, including the CPU.

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