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Apple’s Mac Turns 30: The Biggest Moments in Macintosh Computer History

AAPL has come a long was since its original Macintosh computer

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Biggest Moments in Macintosh Computer History: The Original Macintosh

apple-mac-pro-macintosh-computerApple Computer was already a pioneer that had helped launch the era of the personal computer with its Apple I and Apple II. The Macintosh computer was Apple’s attempt at revolutionizing things once again, this time with an all-in-one PC that introduced a graphical user interface and the mouse. The last two elements were inspired by a Steve Jobs visit to Xerox (XRX) in 1979.

The original Apple Mac was released in 1984 — accompanied by the now famous Superbowl ad — and became a hit among the desktop publishing crowd, especially once Apple launched the LaserWriter laser printer to go along with it and PageMaker software.

The Macintosh computer wasn’t actually the first all-in-one Apple desktop (the Lisa was released in 1983) but it was the first commercial success. It also led to an expanding line of computers that soon included Apple Mac laptops.

When we say Apple’s Mac turns 30, it’s the original Macintosh computer that started it all.

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