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Apple’s Mac Turns 30: The Biggest Moments in Macintosh Computer History

AAPL has come a long was since its original Macintosh computer

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Biggest Moments in Macintosh Computer History: The Apple PowerBook

apple-mac-pro-macintosh-computerApple’s MacBook Pro is one of the most popular notebook PCs. What you may not know is that its roots reach back to the PowerBook line of Apple Mac notebook computers.

While Apple did release the so-called Macintosh Portable (all 16 pounds of it) in 1989, it was the introduction of the PowerBooks in 1991 that signaled Apple was serious about the laptop market.

I actually owned one of those first Apple notebook computers, the PowerBook 100. Although the black-and-white display and anemic CPU were laughable by today’s MacBook Pro standards, the PowerBook 100 has made many PC “best of” lists. For one thing, it was tiny for the day, weighing in at just 5.1 pounds, thanks to collaboration with Sony (SNE) to miniaturize components. It was also affordable at $2,300.

Many PowerBooks followed — some were hits while some (like the PowerBook 5300) didn’t do so well. But the Apple PowerBook still deserves to be recognized. The Mac turns 30 in part because Apple didn’t just release desktop PCs like the original Macintosh computer, but also recognized the need for a Mac notebook in order to appeal to business users.

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