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Can Razer and Project Christine Reverse Sliding PC Sales?

This modular PC concept could eliminate the long replacement cycle ... but that wouldn't help manufacturers

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Project Christine: What Is It?

project-christine-razer-pc-salesRazer describes Project Christine as “a revolutionary new concept design that allows users to build and customize PCs in any configuration without any prior technical knowledge.”

In other words, Razer has reduced the PC to little more than a rack with a series of slots. Each of those slots accommodates a self-contained component that can be pulled out or slotted in at will. All the pieces that make up a traditional PC — the motherboard, graphics card, power supply and storage (plus others) — would be packaged and sold in these self contained modules.

Customers would buy the PC configuration they want with Project Christine, but would have the freedom to swap out those modules at any time for replacement or upgrading.

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