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Moto G Review: Cheap Smartphone with Great Specs

Motorola delivers the best budget smartphone available in the Moto G

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Moto G Review: Best Budget Smartphone for the Money

Motorola did the seemingly impossible in offering a device with the specs of the Moto G at such a bargain price. When you look at the competition, the closest thing Apple (AAPL) offers to a cheap smartphone is the iPhone 4s, a 2011-era device that sells for $450. To get that discount compared to an iPhone 5c or iPhone 5s, the buyer accepts a smaller display and a processor that’s several generations behind.

moto-g-review-moto-g-specsIn contrast, the $179 Moto G has a 4.5-inch HD display, and a quad-core Qualcomm (QCOM) Snapdragon 400 CPU found in many more expensive Android smartphones.

While a power user will be better served by a flagship smartphone like the iPhone 5s, Samsung (SSNLF) Galaxy 4, Google’s Nexus 5 or Motorola’s own Moto X, for most users the Moto G specs are more than up to snuff. And it’s well built too, not feeling like a cheap phone. In its Moto G review AnandTech notes even the buttons have a solid feel, while a user Moto G review on Engadget says that this smartphone “holds very well in 90% of the operations the Nexus 5 can.”

In other words, for average users, the Moto G is all the smartphone they need. A big (but not too big) bright HD display, a speedy CPU, a camera, a recent version of Android, good build quality and the ability to play games, stream video and surf the web without compromise.

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