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4 Romance Movies to Watch on Netflix for Valentine’s Day

From classics to recent Oscar-winners, these are the perfect movies for a night with your sweetheart

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Valentine’s Day is fast approaching, which means you only have a few more days to put off buying something for your sweetheart.

romance-movies-to-watch-on-netflix-NFLXThe first images that flash in your mind when you hear “Valentine’s Day” are probably expensive Hallmark cards, heart-shaped boxes of chocolates and a handful of flowers that you bought online at the last minute because Google reminded you. But some of the best Valentine’s Day memories are made by spending time with your loved one … maybe on a romantic date in the park or at a fancy dinner.

Or you could just watch a couple of romance movies on Netflix together, right? After all, those fancy dinners are expensive (and besides — there’s not even that much food on those plates!)

Besides, what’s more romantic — sitting across from each other separated by sterilized tablecloths, or cuddling up on a couch and laughing together?

So the real decision isn’t what you should do — but which of the romance movies on Netflix you would pick.

I’ve recommended Amélie and Shakespeare in Love before, and both movies are great choices for this occasion. But if you’re looking for more romance movies to watch on Netflix, here’s a quick selection to choose from.

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