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20 Social Media Networks Facebook Has Outlived

FB stock performance reflects Facebook’s killer instinct

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Social Media Networks Facebook Has Outlived: Windows Live Goes Dead

Facebook-social-media-MSFT-stockSprouter was another Canadian startup, this one determined to be the social media service for entrepreneurs. It never found its groove and seemed to flail between whether it was a Twitter clone (for business types) or a Facebook clone (for business types) and was facing closure when Canadian newpaper conglomerate Postmedia (PNC) snapped it up in 2011, folding the service into what is now essentially a newspaper column.

Launched in 2004, Windows Live Spaces was Microsoft’s (MSFT) attempt at taking on upstarts like Facebook with social networking, blogging and digital sharing. Microsoft announced the site’s end in 2010, with Windows Live Spaces closing down for good in 2011, just as FB stock was preparing its debut.

Was Google Wave aimed at FB, or was it more of a shot at Twitter? Maybe it was Google’s take on instant messaging? Whatever Google Wave was meant to be, the social media service for collaborators was announced in 2009, abandoned in 2010 and finally killed in 2012.

Launched in 2007, Gowalla was an early location-based social media network that encouraged users to check in from locations using their smartphones. Sounds like a good idea in an increasingly mobile world. So good that Facebook bought the company in 2011 for $3 million in FB stock.

Even the mighty Apple (AAPL) has not been immune to the Facebook effect. Leveraging its hugely popular iTunes music service, Ping was launched in 2010 as a music-oriented social media and recommendation service. Ping lasted until 2012, when Apple opted for TWTR and FB integration instead.

ConnectU may just be the first of the social media services Facebook has killed — it just took a while. The infamous Winklevoss twins’ original social networking service launched at Harvard in 2004; they have claimed in lawsuits it formed the basis of Facebook. If you want the whole sordid story, watch The Social Network. ConnectU isn’t officially dead, but you can’t exactly use it either, making it the unofficial first victim.

As for the biggest victim…

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