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Sony Vaio PC Gets the Axe: 5 Lines SNE Won’t Get Rid Of

Goodbye Sony Vaio and Reader e-books, but there are some businesses Sony will hold onto

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The Sony Vaio PC is Dead (5 Lines SNE Won’t Get Rid Of): Xperia Tablets

Sony-vaio-xperiaJust because Sony killed its PC division doesn’t mean abandoning the computing market altogether. It’s continuing to offer the Xperia line of tablets.

While the Xperia tablets haven’t enjoyed great sales numbers — the company has a less than 1% global market share, which makes even Microsoft‘s (MSFT) Surface efforts look good in comparison — the devices are high-quality. I’ve had several on loan from Sony at different times and the Xperia Tablet Z is one of my favorite Android tablets, incorporating key Sony technologies like the Bravia mobile video engine for an awesome display.

Sony isn’t going to ditch that Xperia tablet line, especially now that the Sony Vaio PC is history. To retain any connection with consumers (and possibly business) in the mobile computing segment, the Xperia tablets need to stay.

But, like the Xperia smartphones, they’re in dire need of a marketing boost, especially in the U.S.

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